What is Embark 2021?

We founded our church in 2014 with a heart to show the city of Maysville what true faith looks like. 2021 is going to be a landmark as we see that dream come to fruition. We have set out on a mission to build a church completely debt free in the middle of a pandemic! As we Embark on this God-sized task, we ask you that you pray in faith with us that God will supply all of our needs. We know that where God guides, God provides. We are filled with excitement as we begin to take these steps knowing that in order for this to happen, God will have to perform a number of miracles. They’ve already begun, and there are more to come! Watch and pray with us!

Current Projects

Current Projects

Building Site Preparation

Upon receiving of the drone mapping, we are prepared to move a mountain! Site prep will include: adding a new culvert and entrance, dropping the slope of the property 2-3%, and dropping the building area of our property 4 feet, finishing our natural amphitheatre, etc! We will use the dirt being removed to prep another part of our property that we intend to use for future expansion. 

Order Steeple

The kids of Faithway have been giving every week to raise the money for our church steeple. Each week, while the adults are giving, the children race up to the front of the church to put their change in a large coin container. Their goal is to raise $6,250 for our church steeple.

Order Doors & Windows

We have raised all the money needed to fund all of the doors and windows for the church. Our next step is to contract with the right company and order the windows. We are currently negotiating with a few companies to get the best package possible. 

Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Land Purchased

God supernaturally orchestrated the purchase of our land. At an initial asking price of $450,000. We made a cash offer of $150,000 with only $3,000 in our building fund. Fast forward through 14+ months of negotiation, we secured the land for $150,000 and were able to write a check for it!

Building Team Established

After prayer, God put together a team of experienced and faithful men to spearhead our entire project. They will be responsible for the completion of our overall project with God’s help. They will be leading smaller teams through each phase of the building project.  

Site Evaluation Submitted

We were able to make a connection with the city and submit site plans letting them know that we are building a church!

Probing Success

Maysville sits on a big rock. Before probing for rock, we prayed that God would ensure that we didn’t have layer upon layer of rock at our building site. To God’s glory, we probed several locations and still weren’t hitting rock even after 6 feet of digging. Huge answer to prayer!

Acquisition of Entrance Easement

One restriction that hindered the value and access of our property before we bought it was an easement access off of the AA HWY. After much prayer, God worked out the exact easement we needed to have proper access to our property.

Acquisition of Utilities Easement

With no utilities anywhere on the property, we had a journey ahead of us. However, along with the purchase of the property, we secured adequate easements along our neighbor’s land that grants us the access we needed to run utilities to our property.

Electric Arrives

Shortly after the purchase of our property, God gave one of the biggest offerings to date. The electric company decided to run electric across all of the frontage of our new property! When talking to the inspector doing the job, he said it saved our church roughly $70,000! Thank you, Lord!

Septic Survey Complete

The health department gave us the all-clear, based on their soil tests, to put the septic system in that we wanted to put in!

Transportation Cabinet Approval of HWY Entrance

Access off of a main highway can be difficult. However, we were able to get the state approval, as well as the required bond, to begin work on our entrance to the property. The Lord continues to provide!

Excavation of Construction Drive

By God’s grace, we were able to put in a construction driveway to provide access to our property. Once the building project is completed, we will pave the driveway to the top of the hill.

Excavation of Initial Parking Lot

After shooting elevations, we were ready to begin the first part of our parking lot. We leveled off ½ acre at first. The ½ acre will be expanded to 1.3 acres of parking once the building project is complete.

Parking Lot Fabric & Gravel Complete

What began as a messy day, turned into a success! We were able to fabric and gravel our first parking lot all in one day! At one point, a semi got stuck. We had no chain on the property. Out of nowhere, someone from the community stopped in to see what kind of construction was happening. The only thing he had in the bed of his truck was a big logging chain! God provides our needs again!

Architect Hired

After some negotiation with a local architect, we secured a partnership to help us design our building and coordinate plans with contractors and steel companies. We are praying for a great relationship that saves us a lot of time and money!

Preliminary Plans Complete

We currently have preliminary plans in hand and are able to receive quotes from steel companies. Our building plans include essential and urgent needs of our church. The plans also include expansion plans for future development!

Purchase Property Signage

Our kids ministry has raised all of the money needed to buy the signs for the church in coin change!

Contracting with a steel company

We have contracted with Vulcan Steel out of Georgia to provide the 120' x 100' steel building that we need for our first phase of the building project. 

Builder Contracted

We were able to strike a deal with Fred Kay of Kay Construction to erect the shell of our building. He will spearhead the foundation, building erection, and insulation pieces of our project. 

Drone Mapping

Carlson Software, a local company in Maysville, was able to use our new property as a test site for a new drone mapping initiative. They will be providing much needed data for us to determine different excavation needs prior to building.